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Laser Engraved 40oz Quencher Tumblers

Laser Engraved 40oz Quencher Tumblers

PriceFrom C$45.00

Each tumbler can hold up to 40oz of liquid. 


Suitable for both hot and cold drinks, although we do recommend not using a straw for hot liquids. 


NOTE: If the item is marked as FLAWED this means that the lid does not completely line up. Flawed items are discounted accoridngly. There is no further discounts on flawed items. There is no refunds or exchanges on flawed items. 


At this time customization of these tumblers is not available. 


Although we try our best to not enhance the colour in the images we cannot gurantee the exact hue you will see on your screen due to various screen settings. We have taken the best possible measures to ensure the most accurate colour. 

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