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Metallic Studded Tumblers

Metallic Studded Tumblers


These colour rich metallic studded tumblers make the perfect personalized gift for any occasion! These bright and rich colors and studded design will make these tumblers stand out from the rest. Don't miss out on the biggest sale we have ever had and get your own personalized tumblers today! Perfect for adding a unique touch to any special occasion, these tumblers are sure to impress. Get yours today and enjoy your favorite drinks with a touch of style. Pop them in the sun and be prepared to be dazzled. 


For names that are longer than 20 characters long please message us directly to ensure this can be completed. The diamter of the circle is just over 2 inches so longer names or phrases may not always be possible. 


It is one name OR one decal. Both are not an option. Any orders with both will only get the decal and the name will not be added. 

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